Introducing the 100% PPE Goggle


Introducing the 100% PPE Goggle

Written by: 100%

Delivering maximum eye protection and comfort for those on the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.

The revolutionary 100% PPE Goggle features a unique fit and foam protection with multiple density foams to fit softly to the face, eliminating goggle marks and remaining comfortable during even the longest shifts. The lightweight frame and anti-fog lens fit comfortably over prescription eyewear.



The 100% PPE Goggle is patent pending and has been tested with accredited EU and CNAS Laboratories.


“Since March, we have continually asked ourselves what can we do to be a part of the solution to the ongoing pandemic.” -100% CEO Ludo Boinnard


100% has been donating PPE goggles through its partnership with Goggles for Docs and other frontline workers. As part of its on-going commitment to a variety of charities, including the CDC Foundation and Goggles for Docs, 20% of all online sales of the 100% PPE Goggle will be donated. 

To date, 100% has raised $67,000 for the CDC Foundation and donated more than $375,000 in PPE protective eyewear to hospitals and first responders, including recent donations of the 100% PPE Goggle to hospital workers. 

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