100% Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy


100% seeks to maintain our reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality moto, MTB, eyewear and other products. We have determined that a MAP Policy will build and maintain our reputation and the integrity of our high-quality products with consumers. This MAP Policy is also intended to encourage competition in the sale of 100% products in a manner consistent with the long-term interests of resellers and customers.

Minimum Advertised Price List

100% will provide a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) List on an annual basis or as those prices change as determined by 100% in its sole discretion. Each change will state the date it will take effect. Products on the MAP List must be advertised at or above the MAP price to be in accord with this Policy. Products that are not on the MAP List will not be subject to this Policy.

Scope of Advertising

This Policy applies only to prices advertised by dealers. It does not apply to actual transactional sale prices charged by dealers to a customer, and dealers remain free to charge whatever sales price they choose. Dealers are also not required to advertise a price for 100% products or abide by this policy. However, failure to adopt and maintain the Policy may impact the future business relationship, including but not limited to status as an Authorized Dealer of 100% Products. 

This MAP policy applies to prices advertised by dealers using the following forms of advertising:

  • Printed advertisements published in or on newspapers, magazines, inserts, catalogs, and flyers 
  • Outdoor signs and billboards
  • Advertisements transmitted via radio, television, satellite radio, or computer or mobile applications
  • E-commerce advertising, including email promotions, paid search results and ad words, and promotions paid for or released by dealers to third party websites and mobile applications
  • Content promoting 100% products on any page of a store website or display on a mobile application, including pages dedicated to categories of products and specific products
  • Advertisements that include “call for price,” “email for price,” “click for price,” or similar language


    In addition, to advertising a price below that on the MAP List, the following forms of advertised promotions also violate the MAP Policy: 

    • “Buy one / get one” promotions or similar promotions that include 100% products 
    • Rebates, coupons, or gift cards expressly provided in exchange for purchases of 100% products that would cause the advertised price to be below that listed on the MAP List 
    • Advertisements of site wide discounts or offers that do not specifically exclude 100% products

      The following promotional activities do not violate the MAP policy:

      • Advertisements or offers for free shipping, sales tax inapplicable or free financing of 100% products
      • Any promotions or promotional events initiated or otherwise authorized by 100%
      • Loyalty programs associated with store-wide purchases

      The MAP Policy does not seek to control any of the following as forms of advertising: 

      • In-store signs, banners, hang tags, displays, or price tags Check-out and “shopping cart” pages on websites and mobile applications 
      • Price quotes provided in response to a direct consumer inquiry, whether transmitted in person, by phone, email, fax, or any other means of communication

      Failure to Comply with MAP Policy

      Dealers remain free to determine how and when to advertise prices for 100% products. It is entirely within each dealer’s discretion to adopt or not adopt this Policy. Nonetheless, 100% will unilaterally monitor advertised pricing as identified above and any failure to abide by this Policy may result in the loss of the ability to purchase products from 100% or its distributors, as well as the loss of ‘Authorized Dealer’ status, among other future consequences


      Any questions or comments concerning this Policy or the MAP Price List must be directed exclusively in writing to the enforcement administrator at map@100percent.com

      Other employees and sales representatives of 100% are not authorized to, nor shall they, discuss, negotiate or amend the MAP Policy. The enforcement administrator shall be responsible for determining whether a violation of the policy has occurred and providing notification of the violation. 100% independently monitors and investigates actions of dealers to determine any conduct that is contrary to the MAP Policy.