The Game Looks Different

Are you ready to play loud?! Introducing the Tatis 23 LE: Our first collaboration with Team 100% ambassador and professional baseball super-star Fernando Tatis Jr. The game looks different with this limited edition, custom gold eyewear. Choose from two of our iconic sunglass styles, and see more of what matters on or away from the field with game-changing performance and swag. #TGLD


As the eyewear of choice for MLB star Fernando Tatis Jr.,the S3 is fully loaded with our most advanced technology for the ultimate in sports performance. 

El Niño

Fernando Tatis Jr.

Fernando Tatis Jr., nicknamed “El Niño”, is all about giving 100% effort. He chose 100% because he wanted eyewear that matched his personality and style of play. Whether he’s crushing bombs and flipping bats, making highlight reel plays with his glove and speed, dancing in the dugout and spinning swag chains, Fernando is a transcendent talent and All-Star caliber player. We couldn’t be more excited to have Fernando join Team 100% as a true collaborative partner, and be able to watch him transform the game of baseball right here in our own backyard: San Diego.


A special player deserves special eyewear.  The Tatis 23 LE SPEEDCRAFT celebrates Fernando’s electrifying style of play and dedication to the game of baseball.