See See's Take On the Iconic Barstow Goggle

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If you're going to do anything in life you have to give it 100%.  When See See was started 12 years ago, it was the desire to be 100% different than the other motorcycle brands at the time that paved the way for the development of the See See brand.

Driven by offering an inclusive experience for the counterculture of motorcycling. No clear path and a strong sense of direction led See See to create one-off events, products, motorcycles, and locations in a way that would inspire and attract the curious, the wild, mild, young, and old.

The respect for the past and the journey to the future is something both companies hold in high regard. A wise man once said “the best way to influence the future is to create it.”

The Limited Edition 100% x See See Barstow goggles features many unique attributes.  The Pacific Northwest, where See See is based, is notoriously stormy.  This goggle was designed with a yellow tinted lens that’s finished off with a flash mirror coating to intensify shadows in low-light conditions enabling you to ride all year round.  Add to that a bit of fashion with some special trims and a message inside the strap…When in doubt, Throttle out!

Shop the SeeSee Barstow goggle and the rest of the line here.

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