100% Baseball

Our range of lightweight sport performance baseball sunglasses are built for complete protection and maximum field of view.


The S3 combines standout features from two renowned performance favorites, borrowing the understated brow from the S2 and the definitive intake vents from our iconic Speedcraft.

The S3 gives players a subtly softened angularity while retaining the definitive look of unwavering power, ensuring all know—it’s about giving it 100%.
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The updated design of the original Glendale sunglasses combines timeless aesthetics with modern functionality, resulting in a sleeker and lighter sunglass that can be worn comfortably for everyday activities while still exuding style. The shield lens of the Slendale seamlessly integrates into a lightweight frame, providing a wide range of users with a comfortable fit at an affordable price.
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Top Baseball Styles


UltraLight. UltraPerformance. UltraCarbon™. Featuring UltraCarbon™ technology, 100%® frameless Hypercraft® sunglass is lighter, stronger and more dynamic than any performance shield on the market. Feel Nothing. See Everything.
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The SPEEDCRAFT® is fully loaded with 100% most advanced technology for the ultimate in sports performance. Never miss a play with 100%’s HiPER Lens technology which ramps up contrast and enhances detail for depth-defining vision.
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S2® will soon become an important part of every baseball player’s equipment. The bold peripheral field of view, premiere protection allows baseball players to see clearly on sunny afternoons, or under the bright lights of night games.
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