Eyewear Technology


It’s simple. Humans see three primary colors – red, green and blue. But our vision begins to distort where these three colors overlap. 100% HiPER® Lenses proprietarily filter out these crossovers; resulting in greater contrast and even more vibrant colors. By ramping up the contrast, riders experience depth-defining vision with unmatched perception to feel every detail of terrain before commanding past it.
A HiPER® Lens is 100% proprietary high-definition lens technology that ramps up contrast, amps up colors and enhances detail so you miss nothing.

Sharper contrast

Filters rays that increase detail & definition for greater depth perception.

Better vision

Sharpens your surroundings, see more of what matters.

Peak color awareness

Color comes alive for unmatched perception.
HiPER® Lens
Standard Lens
Selective filtering of light rays to increase contrast and definition.


PEAKPOLAR technology features optimized polarization (55%) to reduce bright sunlight glare and reflections; providing optimized, polarized protection without having to filter out all of your screens, phones or GPS.
Imagine a lens that both cuts through glare and yet still allows you to see everything that’s in front of you.

Ultimate visual comfort without sacrificing visibility.

No Polar

Glare and reflections

Standard Polar

Reduced glare and reflections / black display


Reduced glare and reflections / visible display


100% Photochromic lenses feature a reactive pigment inside that senses the intensity of the UV light around you; always evolving your lens tinting to match the light conditions. Rather than manually swapping lenses, choosing our Photochromic lenses allows a transformation from a Category 0 to a Category 2 tinted lens in less than fifteen seconds – all while never taking your hands off the handlebars.
Always evolving lens tinting to match light conditions.