100% Eyewear Lens Features

100% UV400

Eye protection is essential; such as easily seen hazards like dirt, sand and oil. But what about the hazards you can’t easily see; like ultraviolet radiation?
Our UV400 lenses block light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers – including all harmful UVA, UVB & UVC regardless of sun or cloud conditions.

Safeguard against harmful UV radiation.

Hard Coating Finish

Every lens from 100% features a special Hard Coating protective finish to complete each lightweight, injected polycarbonate (PC) lens.
This coating primarily offers a scratch-resistance finish; although it also increases the impact resistance and helps extend the lifetime of the lenses.
100% Lens Technology
Anti Scratch

Ultimate durability for
long lasting clear vision.

Impact Resistant

100% Impact Resistant lens technology (ANSI compliant) begins with lightweight polycarbonate material and finished with a premium hard coating.
The flexible composition of the lens bends upon impact; absorbing energy without shattering – always keeping your vision protected.