Peter Sagan


Peter Sagan

Written by: 100%


Nationality: Slovakian
DOB: January 26, 1990
Residence: Monaco
Height: 6'
Weight: 161 lbs
Years Riding: 20
Years Racing: 18
Team: Team TotalEnergies
Rider Type:
Sprinter, Spring Classic Specialist



With more than 100 professional wins to his name, Peter has proved he can win at every type of race from the one-day ‘Classics’ to three-week long stage races and the first European Championship, and he is famous for his incredible bike-handling skills and sheer strength. 



Peter Sagan introduced the Speedcraft to the road cycling world by first grabbing a green jersey win at the Tour de France and then storming to his third consecutive world title debuting the Speedtrap model, our first full frame offering. He would then go on to taking the Paris-Roubaix victory showing off, at the time, a freshly released S2 model, allowing the S2 to become a key integration to the 100% family since. Peter Sagan continues to wear his go-to's the Glendale and S3, while also wearing the newly launched, Westcraft and Norvik. 


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