ACCURI 2® KB43 SE Goggle ATV/UTV/Sand/OTGKB43 Dspray

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ACCURI 2® KB43 SE Goggle ATV/UTV/Sand/OTGKB43 Dspray

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SKU: KB-50019-00002
The Accuri 2® Sand OTG Goggle. Complete with a light-sensitive photochromic lens. It is a must-have for blasting through the wide-open desert on your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV. Clear vision is imperative to ensure your safety in the great wide open. Enhanced performance features block out the tiniest dust particles in the most demanding conditions, allowing you to focus on the fun.
  • Highlights
  • In The Box
  • Improved fitment and seal with increased field of view
  • Supports triple post tear-offs for secure fitment
  • Ultra-thick triple layer face foam soaks up sweat
  • 45mm wide silicone coated strap for maximum grip
  • 9-point lens retention system secures lens in frame
  • Slash logo embellishment detail
  • Anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens for clear vision
  • Racecraft 2/Accuri 2/Strata 2 utilize same lens and tear-offs
  • Sublimated microfiber bag.

The Accuri 2 returns to set the benchmark for a premium performance goggle.

Delivering utmost protection, visibility and comfort for sight to line while performing, with an even wider field of view than ever before.