Reece Wilson

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Nationality: Scottish
DOB: November 6, 1996
Residence: Scottish Borders, Scotland
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Years Riding: 7
Years Racing: 6
Series: UCI Downhill Mountain Bike
Team: Trek Factory Racing


What was your most exciting win?: Winning the British overall as a junior in my second year of racing was cool. Biggest personal win was Fort William podium last year. 

Favorite race/venue? Fortwilliam, energy is next level. 

Favorite food? Dessert... most deserts haha. Love Mexican food too. 

Favorite music? Super wide genre of music. 

Favorite TV shows? “People just do nothing” or “Rick and Morty” and love “Big Lez” 

Favorite spot? Don’t really have one actually, love beaches. 

Hobbies? Motocross, hanging with happy positive people. 


What's Reece Listening To

Play It Loud. The Tatis 23 Limited Edition Collection
Juncos Hollinger Racing