Hugo Frixtalon

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Nationality: French
DOB: July 11, 1999
Residence: Perpignan, France
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 132
Years Riding: 10
Years Racing: 9
Series: UCI Downhill Mountain Bike
Commencal IC Studio


Favorite race/venue?
- Val di sole / Vallnord

Favorite food? 
- I don’t think I have a favorite food, but meat and french fries is always good.
Favorite music?
- Hip Hop
Favorite TV shows?
- I don’t watch to much TV, so I don’t really know. 
Favorite spot?
- Les Angles , my local BikePark
- Bike, motocross, skiing, and chilling with my homies.

What's Hugo Listening To

Play It Loud. The Tatis 23 Limited Edition Collection
Juncos Hollinger Racing