Adrien Dailly

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Nationality: French
DOB: July 4,1996
Residence: Nice, France
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 154 lbs
Years Riding: 18
Years Racing: 15
Series: Enduro World Series
Team: Lapierre Zipp Collective

Adrien Dailly is something of an enigma in modern mountain bike racing. In a world where social media is ever-present in the lives of the top athletes, he eschews that side of the business almost completely. In interviews, he is quiet, not comfortable with the English language. Instead, he prefers to let his riding do the talking and with three race wins under his belt from his first season among the elites of the EWS, it's saying a lot right now. Yet if you watch him on track, to the unseasoned eye it almost looks like he is taking it easy, not really pushing. It's only when you step back and appreciate the speed and efficiency of it, the high consequence lines that virtually nobody else is even trying, you realise how impressive his riding truly is.

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