SPEEDTRAP Replacement Lens HiPER® Blue Multilayer Mirror

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SPEEDTRAP Replacement Lens HiPER® Blue Multilayer Mirror

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SKU: 62023-122-01
SKU: 62023-122-01
Replacement Lens


It’s simple. Humans see three primary colors – red, green and blue. But our vision begins to distort where these three colors overlap. 100% HiPER® Lenses proprietarily filter out these crossovers; resulting in greater contrast and even more vibrant colors. By ramping up the contrast, riders experience depth-defining vision with unmatched perception to feel every detail of terrain before commanding past it.
A HiPER® Lens is 100% proprietary high-definition lens technology that ramps up contrast, amps up colors and enhances detail so you miss nothing.

Sharper contrast

Filters rays that increase detail & definition for greater depth perception.

Better vision

Sharpens your surroundings, see more of what matters.

Peak color awareness

Color comes alive for unmatched perception.
HiPER® Lens
Standard Lens