The 2022 Peter Sagan LE Collection

The new dynamic and colorful Sagan LE Collection represents Peter’s journey in cycling and in life — which is constantly evolving. These tie-dye emblazoned performance frames blend bright colors with purple multilayer mirrored lenses, which is a stark contrast to the gold and chrome finishes from the previous Sagan LE collections. By wildly tweaking a traditional tie-dye, we realized a pattern to echo Peter's unconventional and eccentric personality and riding style.


The S3 combines standout features from two renowned performance favorites, borrowing the understated brow from the S2 and the definitive intake vents from our iconic Speedcraft. The S3 gives riders a subtly softened angularity while retaining the definitive look of unwavering power, ensuring all know—it’s about giving it 100%.
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Peter Sagan

With over 100 professional wins to his name, Peter has proven he can win at every type of race - from the one-day ‘Classics’ to three-week-long stage races and the first European Championship, and he's famous for his incredible bike-handling skills and sheer strength. This year Sagan joins Team TotalEnergies. This collection represents his colorful journey as he charges forward with this dynamic team.
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Inspired by Speedcraft's legendary success on cycling's biggest stages, S2 is 100% speed that has been newly refined for everyday sports performance.
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As the eyewear of choice for world champion cyclist Peter Sagan, the Speedcraft is fully loaded with our most advanced technology for the ultimate in sports performance.
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