What are the best sunglasses for baseball?

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The rays of the sun can cause significant damage to unprotected eyes, and nowhere is this more dangerous than on the baseball field. Long innings in bright and sunny conditions can really take a toll on your vision and can even lead to eye conditions if you do it too often without protection.

In this article we’re going to show you exactly what you need to look for when choosing sunglasses for baseball, as well as some suggestions on some of the most effective baseball sunglasses that improve your game and keep you safe. 

What to look for when choosing baseball sunglasses

There are a number of things you should consider when choosing a pair of baseball sunglasses - particularly the lens technology and protection they offer you, the comfort and fit as well as ensuring they are lightweight and compatible with any protective gear such as helmets.

Lens technology and protection

It’s vital that your lenses include UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays - prolonged exposure can cause eye disorders such as cataracts and macular degeneration. You should look for sunglasses that offer comprehensive UVA and UVB protection to improve clarity and reduce glare. 

You should also consider lens tint - gray tint is good for sunny or overcast days, preserving color recognition and making it easier to spot the ball. Amber tint will help the white ball stand out against blue skies, and gold tint is best for low-light conditions, enhancing contrast and making sure you have visibility without the glare of the sun.

Polarized lenses versus non-polarized lenses is another aspect of lens technology and protection that you should consider - polarized lenses are typically more expensive, but offer much improved reduction of glare from shiny objects by blocking horizontal light waves which helps when you are playing in bright sunlight. You can still get good UV protection from non-polarized sunglasses, however. Polarized lenses are also not ideal in all scenarios, due to potential effects on your depth perception.

It’s key that you look for glasses that are shatterproof and scratch resistant - which enhances durability and protects against minor abrasions, maintaining clear vision throughout the game.


Frame material and design

Ideally you should be looking for a pair of glasses with wraparound frames - which provide a wider field of vision and comprehensive UV protection as they cover the eyes completely. Wraparound glasses also reduce light seepage and glare, which makes it easier to focus on the game in bright conditions. 

Rubber grips on the nose and temples are a must, as they ensure stability and consistent vision (particularly important during those intense movements). Some modern sports sunglasses also incorporate hydrophilic materials that actually grip better when wet - so as you sweat more, your glasses don’t slip.

Consider the comfort and fit of your glasses - baseball sunglasses should be light and balanced, without creating pressure points on the face. Make sure you have no tight spots around the temples and nose bridge, as this will cause you discomfort during prolonged wear.

Sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses are almost immune to shattering on impact, which is a significant consideration if you were to be hit by the ball at any point during the game or if you were to fall over. The frames of your glasses should be made from materials like nylon or proprietary blends that are lightweight but sturdy and flexible.

Finally, consider compatibility with hats and helmets - if you wear one, it can affect the fit of your glasses, so make sure you can wear both hat and glasses in comfort. Ideally, choose designs with adjustable features like flexible temple arms or rubber nose pads so you can accommodate different headwear options.

Different playing conditions

Considering the different playing conditions you will experience is crucial - and if you find yourself in a part of the world where conditions change frequently it’s ideal to invest in a set of interchangeable lenses. They’re a much more practical solution than three or four separate pairs of glasses, and allow for customization based on the day’s weather and lighting. 


Our picks for the best sunglasses for baseball

100percent Tatis 23 LE Hypercraft

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The Tatis 23 LE Hypercraft is a collaboration with Fernando Tatis Jr, reflecting his dynamic style with bright pink and yellow hues, offering a standout look on the field. 

The Tatis 23 LE’s lenses are manufactured from high-impact resistant and lightweight polycarbonate, ensuring durability and protection during those high-intensity moments in the game. The HiPER Red multilayer mirror lens enhances vision clarity and contrast, ideal for tracking the ball against different backgrounds. The interchangeable, scratch resistant and shatterproof lenses offer comprehensive UV protection, keeping your eyes safe during long hours under the sun.

The durable, flexible and lightweight TR90 frame allows maximum comfort, and the wraparound style protects against dust, debris and wind. The ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips provide a secure fit no matter the conditions, and prevent the glasses from slipping off your face during rapid movements.

The unique collaboration with Fernando Tatis Jr offers functional and distinct sunglasses that provide a blend of technical functionality and stylish design, making them a suitable and attractive choice for baseball players looking for quality eyewear on the field.

100percent Speedcraft


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The 100percent Speedcraft are a great alternative to the Tatis 23 LE with several advanced features that make them exceptionally well-suited for baseball.

The high-impact resistant and lightweight polycarbonate lenses provide clear, sharp vision, which is crucial for accurately tracking the ball on the field. The 5.5-base cylindrical shield lens offers increased peripheral vision and protection, which allows players to see more of the field and react quickly to plays. 

The Speedcraft offers a cylindrical shield lens offering 360-degree visibility and unobstructed views, essential for maintaining awareness of your surroundings on the baseball fields. The ability to interchang lenses based on lighting conditions, as well as scratch resistance and 100% UV protection make these sunglasses versatile and protective against physical impacts and harmful UV rays.

The Speedcraft is also hydrophobic and oleophobic, repelling water, dirt and oil, ensuring clear vision and easy maintenance. Temple arm scoops manage moisture effectively - an important feature for maintaining comfort and grip during long innings.

The technical features of the Speedcraft include enhanced visibility, protection, comfort and adaptability - making them an excellent choice for baseball players at any level of the sport.

100percent S2


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The 100percent S2 sunglasses are ideal for baseball with their blend of protective features and comfort-focused design. They’re highly suited for baseball players and contribute to vastly improved performance and safety in the field. 

The lower air scoops are a significant feature that increases ventilation and reduces moisture on the lens, helping to maintain clear vision throughout the game especially on hot and humid days. The HYDROILO lens treatment repels water, dirt and oil, and ensures the lenses remain clean and clear.

The S2’s durable, flexible and lightweight TR90 frame contributes to the overall comfort and fit, essential for athletes in motion. The ultra-grip rubber nose pads and tips provide a secure fit, crucial for maintaining stability during movement throughout the game. 

The S2 glasses also come with contrast-defining HiPER lenses and photochromic options, which give you enhanced contrast and adapt well to different lighting conditions, improving visual clarity. The interchangeable lenses include a clear lens option with high light transmission, adding to the glasses’ versatility.

Frequently asked questions about baseball sunglasses

How should baseball sunglasses fit?

Sunglasses should sit securely and comfortably on the face, and shouldn’t move or slip during intense movements. They should be stable and secure when running, jumping, pitching and batting. They should provide a snug fit without pinching, particularly around the nose and behind the ears. You should ensure the temple arms and nose pads are adjustable so you can tailor them to your specific face shape.

Are heavier or lighter frames better for baseball?

Lighter frames are usually preferred in baseball due to their comfort and stability. They minimise fatigue during long games, and stay securely in place during movement. They also reduce the risk of injury and allow for unobstructed vision - crucial for optimal performance in the field.

Can baseball sunglasses improve my game?

Sunglasses can certainly improve your game - good quality sunglasses can dramatically reduce glare and increase contrast, allowing you to see the ball more clearly on bright and sunny days. This can aid in better tracking of the ball no matter what position you play. You also benefit from wearing sunglasses as they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and dust, dirt and potential impact, which allows you to play with more confidence.

However, sunglasses are just one aspect of improving your game - regular practice, proper training and physical fitness are also key aspects of a well-rounded baseball player.

How do I care for my baseball sunglasses?

Regularly clean your glasses with a microfibre cloth and lens solution and make sure you store them in a protective case to prevent damage and scratches. Avoid exposing them to heat and chemicals and handle them gently, especially when cleaning them or adjusting them. Regular maintenance will keep them in optimal condition for your games - but remember to keep them away from any abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals.