Why do top baseball players choose polarized sunglasses?

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Wearing protective eyewear is crucial to navigating several circumstances on the baseball diamond due to the sun's glare, quick action, and swift motions. Top baseball players, in particular, have come to love polarized sunglasses for their superior clarity, protection, and performance-enhancing benefits. 

There are a few reasons why polarized sunglasses in baseball are so important, and a variety of reasons why they’re so popular with baseball players – mainly that they can help vastly improve players' vision and performance on the field. In this article we explore the main advantages and factors influencing the widespread adoption of polarised sunglasses in baseball.  

Let's now take a closer look at the reasons why professional baseball players are using polarised sunglasses to improve their performance. 


What are polarized lenses and how are they different from regular lenses?  

Good vision is crucial as a player on the baseball field, where decisions made in the blink of an eye can make or break a game. That’s where polarized lenses come into play. Baseball players frequently struggle to track the ball in strong sunlight. Polarized lenses are specifically made to reduce glare. In contrast to ordinary lenses, polarized lenses have a special filter that prevents light that is horizontally polarized, like the glare that reflects off outfield grass or baseball diamonds. By successfully removing distracting reflections, this filtering function helps players stay focused on the game. 

For baseball players, polarized lenses provide clear benefits over conventional lenses. While regular lenses can offer some sun protection, they are not always effective in reducing glare, which can obstruct a player's ability to see the ball's trajectory and make precise moves. Polarized lenses, on the other hand, are excellent at cutting down on glare, giving players on the pitch better visibility and depth perception. 

By reducing glare and improving visual clarity, polarized lenses essentially provide baseball players a competitive edge. Baseball players can improve their performance on the field and reach new heights by selecting polarized sunglasses specifically designed for the sport. 


Why 100% baseball sunglasses stand out  

100%’s range of baseball sunglasses are distinguished for their ultralight frames and high-definition, impact-resistant lenses, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of baseball. These glasses feature cutting-edge polarized lens technology, offering players superior clarity and protection from glare on the field. Among these innovative features are the UltraCarbon technology, which delivers unparalleled strength and durability in a lightweight frame, and the HiPER lens, which enhances color and contrast, allowing athletes to see the ball more clearly against varied backgrounds and lighting conditions.  

Available in a wide selection of designs and lens colors, these sunglasses cater to individual preferences and the specific requirements of different in-game scenarios, providing every player with a tailored solution to enhance their game with superior vision protection. 

Experience unparalleled clarity and protection with our innovative lenses, crafted to enhance your vision on the field. Shop our collection now and elevate your game. 


How to choose the right pair of polarized baseball sunglasses 

For the best possible performance on the field, selecting the appropriate polarised baseball sunglasses is crucial. Here are a few crucial things to think about: 


Choose sunglasses that are comfortably tight around the face without being overly restrictive. To avoid slipping or falling off during gameplay, they should be seated pleasantly and securely. 

Lens Quality

Choose lenses with superior polarisation and clarity. Make sure they provide sufficient defence against glare and damaging UV radiation. 


To maximise coverage and reduce peripheral glare, take into consideration sunglasses with a wraparound design. For even more comfort and stability, search for features like anti-slip temple tips and nose pads. 


To survive the demands of the game, pick sunglasses with strong frames and lenses that can endure impacts. The life of your sunglasses can also be extended by strengthened hinges and scratch-resistant coatings. 

Lens Colour

Choose a lens colour that improves visibility and blends nicely with your playing surroundings. Dark or mirrored lenses work best in bright, sunny conditions; lighter tints could work better in cloudy conditions. 


Frequently asked questions 

Are there specific lens colors in 100% baseball sunglasses that are better for certain times of day? 

Yes, 100% baseball sunglasses come in a variety of lens colors tailored for different playing conditions and times of day. Dark or mirrored lenses are optimal for bright sunlight, while lighter tints are more suitable for overcast conditions, ensuring the best visibility for the player. 


Do polarized sunglasses from 100% offer better performance in tracking high-speed objects, like a fast-moving baseball? 

The enhanced clarity and reduced glare provided by 100% polarized sunglasses help players track high-speed objects more effectively. The improved contrast and visual sharpness allow for better perception of a baseball's speed and trajectory, crucial in making split-second decisions during the game. 


Are there any specific maintenance or care tips for preserving the quality of 100% polarized sunglasses over time? 

To maintain the optimal performance of 100% polarized sunglasses, it's recommended to clean the lenses with a lens-specific solution and a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches. Store the sunglasses in a hard case when not in use to protect them from impact and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or chemicals that could damage the lens coating and frame materials. Regular maintenance, such as tightening screws and replacing worn nose pads or temple tips, can also extend the lifespan of the sunglasses. 

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