The House Industries Barstow Goggle

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A mutated design experiment between commercial and art, House33 began when Simon “Barnzley” Armitage calls design legends House Industries to talk Album covers, Hot Rods, Chaos Theory and Brothel Creepers. That conversation leads Barnz, House and Jeremy Dean to build out a flagship in London’s Soho at 33 Marshall Street and convert the verbal jujitsu into wearable artifacts. The guiding hand: borrow from British Saville-style and steal from American rock rebellion. Since the details are always in the details, the logo was conjured from Masonic numerology and the piradical Captain Thomas Tew flag. Further inspiration was pulled from the margins and the mainstream to divine the sweet-spot between lowbrow and luxury. Cast in the shadows of the Queen’s former fox hunting grounds and in striking distance from where Jack the Ripper lurked, an atmospheric homage to Elizabethan ornamental strapwork and Victorian Horror tapped the crew’s earliest fascinations with art: blood, guts and bones, snakes, slime, puss and ooze. 


Past, present and future is always alive in the now that is House33. We honor the artists who’ve influenced us and never forget to entertain the adolescent ghosts of ourselves. To this end we remain en guarde against the doom of turning into what those teen prophets of our youth despised. 


“In many ways Jung was talking about House33 when he said the blood of our ancestors flows through everything we do,” says House Industries founder Andy Cruz. 


No strangers to spilt blood and motorsports, the 33 100% Barstow goggles are hemo-wicking, and when they’re not, embrace all stain as part of the larger design vision.
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