100% Packaging and Our Responsibility


100% Packaging and Our Responsibility

Written by: TJ Bottom

100% is taking the first steps in working toward eliminating plastics from our packaging, in addition to reducing the packaging size, therefore excess materials used for shipping individual packaging and containers.  Also, the nesting capacity of the bonus lens packaging increases efficiency in transportation and provides cohesion in our overall package messaging.  

We are aligning with the Responsible Packaging Movement.

By creating goals around responsible packaging for our brand, we have been approved to join the responsible packaging movement, established by prAna. Moving forward, we will address the reduction (preferably elimination) in plastic and in virgin or non-FSC forest fibers. We aim to complete both goals in the Snow category by 2024, and initiate the same goals brand-wide.

Featured Products

NORG Goggle

Black/HiPER® Silver Mirror
w/ Bonus HIPER® Turquoise Mirror
$ 250


Stonehammer/HiPER® Lavender Mirror
w/ Bonus HIPER® Turquoise Mirror
$ 180
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